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Kilnwood Vale by car.

Sharing a trip with a friend, neighbour or colleague is a good way to help cut your travel costs. If you don't know anyone personally to share your journey with, why not join a car share scheme?

Car Hires and Car Club Schemes are good way of getting around without the need of owning or maintaining your own car - reducing your own costs and the cost of individual car use to the environment. Here you will find information on car hire in the West Sussex area and the opportunity to initiate car sharing journeys in the Residents Forum.

West Sussex Car Share Scheme

West Sussex Car Share provides a free matching service for all those who live, work and travel in and around the county as well as doing longer journeys to other locations - and joining is free! For more information visit:

This site matches you up with potential partners as a driver or passenger. By sharing your commute with just one other person the average car sharer can save nearly £1000 per year!

The website is a safe, secure and easy method of searching for a car share partner. Simply enter your journey details and you can search for those making similar trips to you. Keep in mind that you do not need to car share every day. If you are considering sharing with someone for the first time arrange to meet in a public place first and remember there is no on-going commitment to share your journeys if the arrangement does not continue to work for you.

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Horsham Car Club

Membership of a car club allows the use of a car on a pay-as-you-go basis – without the costs associated with owning a car. If you drive less than 8,000 miles per year, you will financially benefit from a car club membership and save as much as £3,500 per year.

There is a car club currently operating in Horsham by Co-Wheels, with vehicles available to hire from just £3.75 per hour – plus 13p per mile for fuel costs – at the following locations:

  • - North Street, Horsham
  • - Brighton Road, Horsham

To book a car or obtain further information visit the Co-Wheels website as

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Join Horsham Car Club now and receive £20 free credit upon registering!


Metro Cars

50-54 High St, Crawley,

West Sussex,

RH10 1BT

01293 415415

Crawley Car Co Ltd

Crawley Railway Station, Station Way, Crawley,

West Sussex

RH10 1JA

01293 535555

A1 Cars & Private Hire

55 High St, Crawley,

West Sussex

RH10 1BQ

01293 404848


The Courtyard, E Park, Crawley,

West Sussex

RH10 6AG

01293 888888

Car Hire

Enterprise Cars

Spindle Way, Crawley

West Sussex RH10 1TG

01293 529111

Avis Car Hire

Arora International Hotel, Southgate Avenue, Southgate

Crawley RH10 6LW

0844 581 0147

Henfield Hire

Nightingale Road Ind Est, Horsham

West Sussex RH12 2NW

01403 241010