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A new home, and new ways to get around; your guide to travel choices at Kilnwood Vale.

Kilnwood Vale is a new development with around 2,500 homes to be built over the coming years and we are in the first of five phases over which the site will be built.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals and the wider community by addressing the needs of the people who live in and around Kilnwood Vale with supporting services and facilities. We want a community that has sustainability built to its core and one of our ways of supporting, you, the resident, is through providing real sustainable transport choices for your everyday life. Your new neighbourhood has been specifically designed to ensure it is safe and easy for you to travel using sustainable methods of transport such as bus, walking and cycling.

In order to help tackle issues including climate change and our own health, it is important to help lower carbon emissions by reducing car use and increasing the number of sustainable journeys we make.

This website is designed for you, the resident, providing everything you need to know on walking and cycling, buses, trains and driving in and around Kilnwood Vale.

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Download Phase 1 masterplan & full Kilnwood Vale masterplan

Travel Plan

A Travel Plan is being implemented at the site to reduce the amount of traffic generated by the development and this will be achieved through the provision of various measures or travel options. On reserving your property you will have been given a 'Kilnwood Vale Travel Information Guide' designed to help you travel in, out of and around the Kilnwood Vale area.

On completing, you will also receive a travel voucher to the value of £100 which can contribute towards the purchase of an adult bicycle, bus season ticket, rail season ticket or WSCC 3in1 Card* to help you on your way to making sustainable travel choices in your everyday lives.

*For further details on application fees for the 3in1 Card please visit

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Farzanah Mamoojee is the Travel Plan co-ordinator for this site.

If you have any queries or would like help on what travel choices are available to you please do not hesitate to contact her.

0845 600 6668